All concerts start at 12:00 and last for no more than 1 hour. This is a free event with refreshments provided.

6 April 2019

Saxophone Ensemble

Music for Saxophone Quartet: Glazunov, Purcell, Cowles & Fairer Sax arrangements

4 May 2019

Colm O’Reilly (violin & piano)

1 June 2019

Elmbourne Ensemble (violin duo)

6 July 2019

The London Metropolitan Brass Band

3 August 2019

Caroline Soresby and Nicholas Bowater (piano & voice)

7 September 2019

Emma Walker (piano)

Emma has given recitals, chamber and concerto performances in Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Israel, Russia and around the UK.

5 October 2019


2 November 2019

The Verne Trio (piano, clarinet & viola)

The Verne Trio has been playing and performing together since July 2013, exploring the varied repertoire for strings, clarinet and piano.