• Staff
  • Chris Green

    Chris Green


    The vicar at St James; he is the preacher, leader and the one who keeps us in order.

    Contact Chris

    020 8442 2900 Email Chris Full-time, Fridays off
  • Phil Mullins

    Phil Mullins

    Associate Vicar

    Contact Phil

    020 8883 6277 Email Phil Full time
  • Mark Murthen

    Mark Murthen

    Associate Vicar

    Associate Vicar for Membership and Ministry. Helping us all to use all our gifts and talents to build the whole church family, including serving at st james, pastoral care and prayer ministry.

    Contact Mark

    020 8442 2820 Email Mark Full time
  • Anand Achuthan

    Anand Achuthan

    Financial Controller

    Responsible for managing the day-to-day running of the church’s finances.

    Contact Anand

    020 8442 2826 Email Anand Monday-Friday 9-5
  • Jean Airey

    Jean Airey

    Church Information Secretary

    Looks after the Sunday admin, keeping the church database up to date and obtaining the safeguarding checks.

    Contact Jean

    020 8883 6277 Email Jean Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
  • Leona Akass-Ostra

    Leona Akass-Ostra

    Church operation Manager

    Contact Leona

    020 8883 6277 Email Leona Part Time Monday- Friday
  • Charlene Azille

    Charlene Azille

    Church Office Manager

    First point of contact for all thing church related.

    Deals with Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals and the hiring of the Birchwood Centre.

    Contact Charlene

    020 8442 2829 Email Charlene Full Time
  • Sally Cartwright

    Sally Cartwright

    Women’s Ministries

    Serving the Women’s Ministry.

    Contact Sally

    020 8883 6277 Email Sally Tuesday and Thursday
  • David Cornes

    Dave Cornes

    Head of Youth Ministry

    Partnering with parents to make young disciples

    School years 6-13

    Contact Dave

    020 8442 2824 Email Dave Days off Monday and Saturday
  • Alex Jacobsen

    Alex Jacobsen

    Contemporary Music Minister

    Oversees Sunday worship music, technology, and teams.

    Contact Alex

    020 8883 6277 Email Alex Part time Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
  • Kim Lowden

    Kim Lowden

    Women’s Ministries

    Serving the Women’s Ministry.

    Contact Kim

    020 8883 6277 Email Kim Tuesday & Thursday
  • Gaby Moris

    Gabrielle Moris

    PA to vicar

    Administrative support to the vicar.

    Contact Gabrielle

    020 8442 2902 Email Gabrielle Part time Monday -Thursday
  • Ashley Nichols

    Ashley Nichols

    Head of Children’s Ministry

    Looks after the children’s Ministry for primary aged children (5-11) including Promiseland on Sunday, Word on the Hill and all other children activities.

    Contact Ashley

    020 8883 6277 Email Ashley Full time
  • Szilard Tam

    Szilard Tam

    Ministry Intern

    Working alongside the youth and childrens ministry and dealing with Sunday prep.

    Contact Szilard

    020 8442 2822 Email Szilard Part Time
  • Hannah Whitehead

    Hannah Whitehead

    Head of Community Ministries

    First point of contact for all things community based: community cafe, winter night shelter, soup kitchen to name a few.

    Contact Hannah

    020 8883 6277 Email Hannah Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
  • Jennifer Xiao

    Jennifer Xiao

    Ministry Intern

    Working alongside the community ministry and music ministry.

    Contact Jennifer

    020 8883 6277 Email Jennifer Part Time