After the Sunday services, we usually serve coffee and tea and take the opportunity to meet people and catch up.

There is a Welcome Table at the back of church so do look there for ways to get to know us better.

a) Bumps & Babes

b) Little Fishes
c) Promiseland Junior
d) Promiseland
e) Welcome Team
f) Projection
g) Sound
h) Lifts to Church
i) Band
j) Prayer Ministry
k) Cooking
l) Washing Up/Cleaning
m) Community Café
n) Teatime
o) Winter Night Shelter
p) Soup Kitchen
q) The BESOM
r) Set Building
s) DIY
t) Gardening
u) Let me know what’s needed
v) Root
w) Engage
x) Counting
y) Graphic Design
z) Event hospitality

Contacts for Serving